Thursday, January 6, 2011

Newbies & Catch Up

There are some newbies in my Etsy shop. I began experimenting with (creating my own)doll patterns a while back and came up with 2 (one "large" one "small"). It's a fun way to use up my fabric scraps. I'm all into recycling. Most of the fabric I use for my pillows, etc., comes from a drapery maker (she gives me her sample books) so now I'm recyling the recycled.

The heart pillows have also become one of my favorite creations. The first couple I made did not have a pocket, but then I thought to add one so you can add a little note or gift when you give "your heart" on Valentine's Day. Of course, you can give your heart any day of the year so don't limit yourself to the February holiday.

An update on the Stunning Mrs. Peacock (featured in an earlier post): She went to live in Vermont just before the holidays. I hope to have time to create another pillow similar to Mrs. P. one day in the future.

Someone on Twitter asked me what my goal (sales) for 2011 was. Answer: to sell more than  in 2010. Do you have a goal this year? Whatever it may be I hope you have fun working towards it. I enjoy most every moment of creating things for my Etsy shop; I say almost because there is the occasional needle prick (not so enjoyable).

I've rambled long enough. Please stop by the shop....more newbies are popping in often.

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Audrey said...

LOVE the hearts! But then everything in your shop is amazing :)