Friday, November 18, 2011

To Top it Off

Melody's Cap
After beading my friend, Melody's, favorite cap a few people asked if I would bead a cap for them. Here you see the results.

I would love to know if you think I should include beaded caps in my Etsy shop. Please leave me a comment. Of course, feel free to suggest other items you'd like to see available from The Beaded Pillow!
Khaki Ribbon




Melody Lea Lamb said...

LOVE, love, love my cap, Karen!These are so stunning, I know you will get lots of takers for your new beaded creations.

Della said...

That's a cool idea, and I really like the hat with the purple bow...cute!

If I think of something else to be beaded I'll let you know.

Have a great weekend Karen!

The Beaded Pillow said...

Thanks so much Melody and Della - love all the support you give me!

The Belly Dancer said...

I love them.

Susan Hemann said...

They are wonderful! Do include them in your shop!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Nice! I haven't seen anything like that. Great idea. How about a pink breast cancer ribbon on a black cap?

The Belly Dancer said...

Hey the beaded pillow Thank you for following Happy Accidents :)

You must be so patient! I like beads but go crazy beading things!

I'm sharing your page on Facebook.