Monday, July 9, 2012

My Room is Complete

After many weeks of tearing out walls, building a wall, painting and cleaning up the remodeling mess, my room is done. Yay! The finishing touch was the wall hanging my mom and I made to match the quilt.

The pattern for the quilt is called County Lines.

I painted the walls a new color: Crepe by Behr. I bought one gallon of paint with primer mixed in and it went on beautifully. It only needed one coat, but there is very little paint left in the can!

Several members of our family came to the lake house this past weekend. They all admired the new look and ooohed and awwwed over the quilt and hanging.

The new bedroom, which used to be the south end of our bedroom was a big hit with company, too. My in-laws stayed in that room and coming up in the next post I'll share the amazing gift my father-in-law made for me just to have in that room.


Della said...

I love the wall hanging matching the quilt! It really pulls the room together and gives it a designer look. said...

Very pretty room!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Exactly what Della said!!

lorenabr said...

It looks wonderful :) Have a nice day!