Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What's New

New things are happening at The Beaded Pillow! I've created several new patterns and have been busy turning them into pillows, decorations and ornaments for the holiday season. I've also gone on a few fabulous fabric junkets around the Midwest (a couple of these in conjunction with working on wedding plans with my daughter). I've found some wonderful new fabrics, which you'll see below...and all plans for the wedding are right on track. My daughter has an app for her smart phone that lets her know when to do what. Quite convenient most of the time, a bit annoying at others. Who can relate?

A sample of "grunge" fabric. Wonderful colors and a little texture. A joy to work with.

This year I found a variety of red cardinal fabric.

These cute pillows came about after deleting one segment from the pumpkin pattern.


Della said...

This is some pretty intricate work m'dear! Love the blue grunge fabric. It really has that beachiness to it. I'm headed to your Etsy to check out your newbies.

Sorry I've been absent of late....you saw what I've been doing lol

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

The cardinal ones are my favorites!