Wednesday, September 4, 2013

News from the Craft Room

With summer 2013 now only a string of special memories the craft room has kicked into high gear with a flurry of holiday activity! More fabrics of orange, brown, green and red are appearing. Seed beads of gold and glass beads of silver, red and crystal seem to be multiplying on the work table, too.

A couple of fall-themed pillows have already made their way into my Etsy shop and beyond. And it’s time, once again, to bead cardinals and pine needles. Plans are also in the works for me to “teach” a pillow beading class at a local fiber arts boutique in late October.
It’s an exciting, busy time of year. But when is it not? You may remember that I spent much of this year preparing for my daughter’s wedding – which was an awesome success on July 13. Post wedding I spent some relaxing time at the lake. I am looking forward to creating new and unique beaded pillows for the holidays.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

What a beautiful wedding photo.

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Best and creative pillow design i have seen So much dedication and perfection to craft an amazing piece. By the way congrats to the wedding couple and their families.