Thursday, March 31, 2011

Current Project: A Kitten Called Ginger

Are you a multi-tasker? I certainly am. Juggling several things at a time is challenging and rewarding especially as, one-by-one, each thing is completed.

If you have been following my blog you know that one of my on-going projects is Orchid, which I continue to work on. I've also completed some Yellow Chicks just in time for Easter. The chicks began as artwork from my Biz Partner, Melody Lea Lamb.

 My current project is also from Melody's studio.
This is Ginger, so named because as I was foraging through all my fabric books and swatches looking for material for the back I came across fabric called ginger.

I thought it matched the little kitten fabric so well. Ginger should be available for sale in my Etsy shop within the next few days. As always, please leave me a comment if you would like to reserve Ginger for yourself. ($40.00)

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