Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Another Current Project

You might roll your eyes if you could see my craft room; it's filled with "current projects." Ah, but that's what makes life (and crafting) fun. And when you are in business for yourself, it's also your perogative. (I adore that!)

A couple of months ago I ordered some fabulous fabric squares from Tuesday Rose  http://www.etsy.com/shop/tuesdayrose
and shortly after it arrived sewed one of the pieces into a medium size pillow. And then it sat there. Looking at me. Day after day.

Finally I couldn't stand it another moment and yesterday chose the beads I wanted to use and began beading. I cannot explain the pure joy I get from beading incredible prints. This pillow is so cheerful and festive. Beading is going much quicker than with Orchid (which is still one of my other current projects.) Look for Red Pony in my Etsy shop very soon.


Christie Cottage said...

I thinkm it's great! AND I LOVE the comment about our craft rooms! I have tons of projects in the works! LOL


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Anonymous said...

Really beautiful! My craft room is actually a studio and an office. Either one has miscellaneous projects strewn about. Some have been sitting a day, others a month or more.

The Beaded Pillow said...

Thank you, Alexis. I also have projects that have been waiting months + .... we need more time, no? :D

Melody Lea Lamb said...

I love him, Karen!! He SO is much more that a "One Trick Pony" isn't he?

The Beaded Pillow said...

Thanks, Melody! If he's a one-trick pony I think he's a Houdini. LOL I can't wait to do the octopus from Tuesday Rose.