Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Current WIP

On a recent road trip to Hayward, WI, I picked up some very vibrant fabric from the Quilt Loft. My first thought was to make a couple sets of beaded mug mats. Then I thought about year-round ornaments. A hanger? Hm. Finally I decided to make one large and cushy pillow ~ the better to show off all the Painted Ponies. The fabric on the back is a remnant from the Hayward Salvation Army.

As of now I have beaded each side of this large pillow with fuschia and light aqua seed beads (this took a long time, my friend!). I've also beaded the mane of the largest pony. I have a long way to go before these ponies are ready to roam but this unique pillow will trot into my Etsy shop eventually.

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