Wednesday, May 16, 2012

News from the Craft Room...

...Well, not really. I'm not there. I am at my sweet little house on the lake in Northern Wisconsin. Renovations began yesterday and I must say those guys worked, worked, worked! I now have a new countertop in my kitchen and a 3rd bedroom upstairs! Bonus: when they pulled the carpet up they found beautiful maple floors! (The new bedroom is actually part of the master - we just made one into 2.)
The new floor should be installed in the kitchen, back hall, bathroom and laundry room before Memorial Day weekend. Yay! Also, awnings will be installed on the west and east side of the house.

Here's a tour of the remodel so far:

Old countertop.

One end of master, soon to be an entire new bedroom!

Door to master closet.

This yellow wall in the hall will be the doorway to the new bedroom.

Ah! The new doorway looking down the hall to the steps (on the left).
The New Wall from the master side.

The New Wall from the new bedroom side.

The old master closet is now an expanded 3rd bedroom. (That's the door to the secret room.)

The master needs a bit of tidying up.

New counter installation in progress!
As I finished up on this post the plumber arrived to put the kitchen sink back in, the guys are installing the new backdoor to the lake and a new window in the living room. I am one happy camper. By the toe is much better and the stitches come out tomorrow. Thank you all for your concern and well wishes!

5 comments: said...

Very nice and very efficient makeover. I can't wait to see all you do to this lovely little house.

Della said...

You are going to love those hardwood floors. I wonder if you have any pieces of fiddleback in there? They are so pretty!

Nice renovation! Looking forward to a tour when it's finished!

DJ DigitaL said...

So far so good! Very much looking forward to the finish...

Moon Sirens said...

I know these take time, but how exciting! Everything looks great :D

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Wow, that is going to be great!