Monday, July 23, 2012

Back to Beading

I am just back from my little jaunt to the Florida Keys and Everglades. Since I had never been to Key
West I am happy to now be able to say "I've been." I am also happy to say "I am home." I think the best thing about vacations is coming home, don't you? Tomorrow I'll get back into my craft room and create another pillow. That sounds lovely.

Postcards from the edge...

Proof I made it all the way.

This was taken on my birthday. My little bro and I spent the entire day on the beach. Pretty nice way to turn a year older.

Next to the door of the Mel Fisher Museum, Key West.

The only wildlife I saw in the Everglades.


Della said...

I wanted to visit the Keys so bad! Looks like you had some fun :) An egret is the only wildlife you saw???? Out of ALL the snakes and alligators down there you see an egret!!! Oh, Karen! I guess I'll have to take you out on the boat to see some gators the next time you come down.

Happy Birthday!

Moon Sirens said...

Glad you had an awesome Birthday and relaxing time. I know now you will have energy for crafting :D Missed you while you were away.

DJ DigitaL said...

Welcome back! Looking forward to the Slideshow.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Love the photo of you sitting on the chairs in the water. Happy Birthday!! I've always wanted to visit the Keys.