Saturday, April 9, 2011

Why I Bead Pillows

We don't know what someone truly thinks of our talents and what we create with them unless they tell us. I almost never meet the people who buy my beaded pillows and accessories, therefore I don't know if they liked what they received or LOVED what they received or (goodness gracious) were luke warm about what they purchased. Not everyone leaves feedback in the Etsy shop and I can't complain because I believe feedback is a delightful by-product and should not be an expectation.

Today I was truly humbled by the feedback that was left in the shop from a recent customer and it got me to thinking about all the wonderful things customers have said about what I do. So I'm going to "blow my own horn" for a bit. (Once, in my radio days I had a program director who told me if I don't toot my own horn who will?) are some of the nice things customers have said about what I create....and I say Thank you.

I knew from the picture this little beaded pillow would be beautiful but it absolutely took my breath away. I love it! A true work of art and I am so happy to own this one of a kind delightful pillow... Thank you so very much...

Although I had planned on adding this to be collection of Christmas ornaments, when it arrived I saw that it was just too beautiful to be enjoyed only for such a short time. I have decided to display it year 'round. Thank you, it just gorgeous! dear friend I got the package today and believe me when I say they look way better in real life :-D, You are so talented


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Christie Cottage said...

Beautiful work.

I think feedback from the seller is as much a part of the transaction as shipping the item. But feedback from the buyer is a pleasant addition!

Congrats on the great feedback!

Have a wonderful week!